how to dicide the blower size for grinding

how to dicide the blower size for grinding 1 how to dicide the blower size for grinding 2

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There's a type of blower to suit every yard, from small electric handhelds ($40 to $70) to beefier gas-powered backpack models ($200 to $400) or powerful walk-behind machines ($600 to $1,000) Homeowners often err by buying an underpowered machine, says Roger Cook, This Old House landscape contractor...

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The size of your extension cord is very important If you undersize one you can start a fire or ruin an expensive tool Fortunately, many common small hand-held electrical tools can operate without danger of motor damage when powered by a 16 gauge cord that is 100 feet long...

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The numbers related to these blower sizes, such as 142, 177, and 256, relate to the amount of air in cubic inches that is pumped by the blower in one blower revolution The 6-71 and 8-71 designations refer to the original GMC diesel engin , Conversely, if you choose a larger blower for this same application, in order to achieve the same ....

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