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The Zimbabwean mining industry has operated for over 100 years and prior to the collapse of the economy from 2005 onwards, there was a well-established base of mining skills, expertise and local suppliers Zimbabwe has been a gold producer for over 100 years...

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Zimbabwe accepts $550m empowerment ,

Dec 14, 2012· Platinum mining companies in Zimbabwe have been pressured to comply with the law and honour their indigenisation plans Zimplats said this week that it had submitted a revised plan making provision for payment of its proposals, while Anglo American Platinum's Unki mine has also concluded an indigenisation deal with the government...

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Indigenization is the act of making something more native; transformation of some service, idea, etc to suit a local culture, especially through the use of more indigenous people in administration, employment, etc The term is primarily used by anthropologists to describe what happens when locals take something from the outside and make it their own (eg Africanization, Americanization)...

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Impact of Zimbabwe Indigenisation Law on SA Miners

Mar 29, 2011· Joining ABN to unpack the impact the news have had for local miners and the impact this decision will have on the platinum industry, is Kobus Nell, Mining Analyst from Stanlib Category News ....

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Bill Watch 5

Artisanal mining The Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Unit and Fund This will be a unit within the Ministry staffed entirely by members of the Civil Service and headed by a Director It will replace the former National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board, which functioned as an autonomous body outside the Civil Service framework...

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Indigenisation will boost mining industry

Nov 08, 2010· The Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act is not merely a moral initiative designed to redress the wrongs of the past, or an obstacle to the mining industry; it ,...

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Indigenisation poser for Nieeb

Jan 05, 2018· UNCERTAINTY surrounds shares warehoused by the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board (Nieeb) after the wholesale changes to indigenisation law announced by government last month, Zimbabwe Independent has learnt By Kudzai Kuwaza In his 2018 national budget last month, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa announced that the indigenisation law which ,...

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